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Preventative Maintenance Keeps your vehicle running dependable through all stages of its life. We do it all from oil changes to any preventative service or any factory- recommended maintenance. Service maintenance vary by manufacturer and vehicle model, see your service manual for regular mileage services and more details


All oil changes should be service at every 3,000 miles from the previous oil change or at manufactures requirements. A good oil life protects and prevents any internal damage to engine components.


We offer full transmission repair and service. We always use the specified manufacture’s fluid and specifications. Transmission fluid should always be checked when engine is running.


Power flushes are always recommend to winterize vehicles for winter and maintain cooling/heating system performance. Thermostats should also be replace to avoid any over heating or lack of heating efficiency.


All belts should be inspected regularly to avoid unwanted noise, damage to drive pulleys/tensioner. Timing belts must follow manufactures mileage replacement to avoid any damage to engine and pistons.

TIP: always ask your technician to check if the water pump needs replacement at the time of the timing belt being replace to prevent from doing the same work twice.


When your car is on the fritz, you need auto diagnostic services you can count on. It takes skill, experience, and in-depth knowledge to get to the bottom of car problems; a guess just isn’t good enough. The car care specialists at Chip’s Auto Service in Carrollton, TX have what it takes to accurately diagnose what’s ailing your car or truck. And because the satisfaction of our customers is our top priority, you can expect professional repairs and outstanding service when you come to us.


At Chip’s Auto Service, we care for your car as if it were our own. Our auto diagnostic specialists bring dedication and extensive knowledge to the table. We can accurately and efficiently determine what’s wrong with your car so that we can get you back out on the road as quickly as possible.


Texas weather can be extreme. Uncomfortable temperatures seem to be magnified when you’re behind a wheel, but maintaining functional and efficient AC and heat systems in your vehicle can make the difference between a fun and relaxed road trip and a torturous journey.

Our certified mechanics have experience maintaining and repairing both domestic and foreign automobiles. Our services include repairing, rebuilding, overhauling and/or replacing your engine, transmission or A/C compressor. We can also check and, if necessary, replace your timing belt, alternator, radiator, thermostat, blower motor, electronic ignition, distributor, fuel injector, shocks, struts, wheels, tires, battery or water pump. We replace brake pads, rotors and/or brake drums.

We can change your oil, transmission fluid, antifreeze, brake fluid, spark plugs, spark plug wires, air conditioning refrigerant and wheels or tires.


Call for an appointment at (972) 245-1222.

Trust that we will always do our best to get your car back on the road fast.

We will do most general maintenance your car needs, big or small. Bring your vehicle to our shop, we will run a diagnostic and let you know what repairs we have to make. We like to keep this process very transparent, so that our customers feel confident about it. Upon receiving approval, we will proceed with the repairs.

We are appreciated by our customers for our honesty and integrity. We are committed to keep it that way.


We will do most repairs needed....Just bring your vehicle in.


We will evaluate your existing engine and vehicle and then educate you regarding your options, as well as the benefits and costs of each of those options. Our goal is to help you make a fully informed decision that works best for you, whether it is an engine repair, a new engine, a rebuilt engine or a used engine.

All rebuilt and used engines are completely resealed including rear main oil seals, front crank oil seals, intake manifolds, exhaust manifolds, and oil pan gaskets with quality NAPA auto parts. We also install new thermostats on all rebuilt and used engines. All engines are road tested and double checked for leaks. All new and rebuilt engines come with a warranty that ranges from 12 months/ 24,000 miles to 36 months/36,000 miles.


We will evaluate your existing transmission and vehicle and then educate you regarding your options, as well as the benefits and costs of each of those options. Our goal is to help you make a fully informed decision that works best for you, whether it is a transmission repair, a new transmission, a rebuilt transmission or a used transmission. All transmissions are completely resealed, road tested and double checked for leaks. All new and rebuilt transmissions come with a warranty that ranges from 12 months/24,000 miles to 36 months/36,000 miles.

We do engine replace or repair for most makes and models


Chip's Auto Repair is a Certified NAPA AutoCare Center and is locally owned and operated. Chip's Auto Repair meets or exceeds NAPA's high standards which were established more than twenty years ago and require an outstanding reputation in the community.


All qualifying repairs are covered by a NAPA AutoCare Warranty for 24 months/24,000 miles. The NAPA AutoCare Warranty is honored at more than 12,000 locations nationwide - more than any other automotive repair brand. No matter where you travel, if you ever have a problem with a covered repair, you can count on a NAPA AutoCare Center being nearby. The warranty is free and covers both parts and labor.


Contact us today to schedule your appointment (972) 245-1222.

Good vehicle maintenance will extend your car’s life.

Get expert diagnostic service from the team at Chip’s Auto Service.


Call for an appointment at (972) 245-1222.

Need car repairs? We stand behind our work with integrity.

All our mechanics are licensed, insured and hand-picked to assure the highest level of service and courtesy. Our services are comprehensive, and they range from a thorough inspection to post-repair system testing. We’re also experienced and trained in full system AC repair, including evaporators and heater cores .

So whether your problem is the air conditioner or the heating system, bring your car to Chip’s Auto Service for service you can depend on, and afford! Contact us today to schedule a diagnostic.

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Currently we are  doing business by appointment only.

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